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Are you looking for the best place to get your casual sex fix for the month/week/however often you like doing it? Going online is definitely the best way to get that simple yet elusive pleasure – but finding the best website that offers this type of service can be a bit of a bumpy road until you’ve reached success.

Say you want to meet a black BBW woman tonight – you’d probably start by signing up at several websites and browsing their directories (this is presuming you haven’t done this before). You’ll quickly find though, that some of these websites actually require payment from you before you can even look at their user directories – definitely not cool.

The high-quality websites for finding casual sex – like Fling and Adult Friend Finder – would always show you at least some of their users (and a good portion, too) even on a free account, without requiring you to pay anything. This is essential, as otherwise you’ll never be able to gauge the quality of the service you’re paying for. Paid services should be entirely optional, only serving to improve your experience and not give you the most basic features you’d expect the website to already have!

This is a simple rule but it should yield you some good enough results in the beginning – so stick to it in your search and soon you’ll be meeting BBW women every night you’re feeling horny and getting all the kinky casual sex you need!